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'Once Upon a time
My Father told me
A story about a man
Who did not praise God
And all his angels…'

Five wax cylinders, phonograph and Chesterfield couch in modular installation
Approx. 11:20 min, variable dimensions, 2013

Photography: Gert-Jan van Rooij

‘The stuff of Legend’ (2013) is a project revolving around storytelling, mythology and folklore in the shifting role they play in contemporary society. The exhibition consists out of several different elements and works that are concerned with folklore and storytelling, with at it’s centre an early 20th century phonograph dispersing stories throughout the exhibition space (Once upon a time… 2013). As a part of the project, Eddie Lenihan, Seannachaí
(, performed on the opening of the exhibition, telling stories of old Irish lore. At the end of the project, PhD Candidate Andrew Peck (Univ. of Wisconsin, USA) was invited to give a talk about internet mythology and the rise of legend-matrixes on the internet.

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