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‘The Keys to the Kingdom’, installation overview and details
In collaboration with Steven van Grinsven and R3boot

‘The Keys to the Kingdom’ is an installation that consists of several drawings, objects and documents. In it, two carefully kept secrets hang side by side, owned by Hannan and van Grinsven, separated from the audience by a thin silk curtain. The exhibition goes against people’s inquisitive nature and requests constraint of its audience, even if that means not seeing all that is on show.

At the other end of the exhibition Hannan and Van Grinsven have solicited the help of r3boot, a hacker, whom was given access to their secrets for encryption purposes. Subsequently, they have requested for these secrets to be dissolved into cyberspace in an attempt to reinstate ownership over what they consider to be theirs and theirs alone.
By taking action to restore their privacy ‘The Keys to the Kingdom’ questions the legitimacy of current surveillance practices and the importance of privacy today.

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