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'Contradiction', 3 channel-video installation. 11:22 min in loop, 2012

Contradiction is a video-installation that deals with the public response to the death of Osama Bin Laden in 2011.
In a three channel video installation consisting of selected Youtube video’s, the story of Bin Laden’s death is retold as it “really” happened.
Opinions, hoaxes and beliefs surrounding this contraversial news are played out against each other. Generated and fueled by contemporary media, ‘Contradiction’ uses the vast array of existing visual materials to question the effects of today’s excess of information on the creation of personal thruths.

* DISCLAIMER: All Youtube video’s used to construct this artwork are taken from public websites and as such, assumed to be in the public domain. The artist does not enjoy financial gain nor claims authorship over the individual video’s used in ‘Contradiction’.

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