‘VERLANGEN NAAR EEN BEELD’ (2014) is a participatory project in which the church community, artists and other willing participants were invited to fill the Brutalist architecture of the Protestant Thomas Church (Amsterdam) with clay sculptures in the likeness of John Calvin. Reflecting on the embedded Calvinist tradition that in many ways typifies Dutch culture and was a major catalyst in the iconoclastic fury of the 16th century, each participant was asked to contribute to a growing installation of statues that spread throughout the (otherwise artless) church for the duration of the exhibition.

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‘PREACHING TO THE CHOIR’ (2014) was performed as an opening ceremony to the project.
Two choirs; one Protestant, the other Roman Catholic (Genevan Psalter and Gregorian Chant), both sang psalm 138 in their own language (Dutch and Latin) and from their own liturgical traditions.
In both harmony and polarisation, ‘Preaching To The Choir’ temporarily brings together two religious branches of Christianity. By performing together their diverse histories, religious traditions and musical compositions lay exposed, whilst both choirs try to find each other in one voice, to say the same differently.
– Soli Deo Gloria

Curated by: Julia Geerlings

With special thanks to: Steven van Grinsven, Joppe van Hulzen, Mees van Hulzen, Witte van Hulzen & Sander Breure, Thomas Cantorij, Schola Cantorum and everybody who came and contributed to the project

Project photography: Nachito Pike